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Reach the Horizon Autumn Intensive Online Course
3 , 12:14
The European Association for Human Ecology invites you to attend the intensive online course “Reach the Horizon”.

If you reflect on questions, such as:
  • Is there any knowledge that can solve all problems once and forever?
  • Are there any doctrines that give right answers to all questions?
  • Are there any pills, techniques or manipulations that can produce a sustainable result with minimum effort?
  • How to choose your coach, teacher or course in order to really progress rather than get a hockey-pockey with the flavor of your dream?
Themes and speakers:
  • Filters of Consciousness, Laura Kahler, Germany, certified psychologist, Gestalt therapist, specializing in psychosomatics and deeper health management.
  • Ecstatic Conditions, Vadim Gurangov (Boroda) and Vladimir Dolokhov (Papa), the authors of bestselling books The Art of Soaring, The Fireworks of Magic and many others, with a total of more than 12 million copies in print.
  • Intuitive Active Meditation, Konstantin Fridland, parapsychologist, Head of the Canadian International School of Intuitive Active Meditation (IAM).
  • Healing the Body with Angelic Energies, Elena Kaminskaya, psychologist, philologist, translator, psycholinguist, kinesiologist, Reiki Master Teacher, a full member of the Russian Academy of Alternative Medicine.
  • A Guiding Star Online: From Dating to Marriage, Marianna Tambellini, a leading Russian online dating expert, the author of a universal Online Dating System Golden Arrow, designer of women’s happiness, PEAT Processor, Spiritual Option, NLP Practitioner.
  • Shadow as a Resource, Marina Danilova and Alexander Savkin, co-founders of the Coaching Institute, St. Petersburg. Marina and Alexander have been in consultancy since 1994 and are among the top ten coaches in Russia according to Kommersant.
  • Happiness in Doing: Seven Sources of Energy in Work, Philip Guzenyuk, a partner at the Coaching Institute, engaged in consultancy since 2005, a coach, trainer, twice winner of the Coach of the Year Award, the author of the Happiness in Doing method. Philip provides training and organizational development sessions in Russia, Belgium, USA and Australia, as well as individual coaching sessions for businesspersons and top managers.
  • And many more.