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Business Forum Inversion of Thought: Where Business Should Invest Today?, Lithuania, November 21-23
14 , 12:10
The Coaching Institute invites you to take part in the Business Forum “Inversion of Thought: Where Business Should Invest Today?” which will take place in Lithuania on November 21-23, 2014.

Business owners and managers will get insights on innovation in business:
  • What is a new way to understand the market needs?
  • Organization as a living system: How to build it?
  • Where new product and service development should be focused on?
  • How to increase the contribution of business to social progress?
The Forum will bring together different experiences, innovative insights and hands-on laboratories. It is unique in its practice-transforming nature and will help you:
  • look at business from the integrated innovative – economic financial psychological philosophical historical cultural perspective;
  • revise and change attitudes that hinder the development, and find ideas and principles for new modes of action;
  • create inspiring joint initiatives aimed at broader understanding of the meaning of business in society.