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Matrix of leadership Training

Matrix of leadership

3 days / 24 hours

The main practical effect of applying the Matrix in a company is formation of a communication network, built basing on personal connections around organizational tasks and trust-based personal contact.

Such a network becomes the “skeleton” for formation and development of a team.

Leadership is embodied through relationships between team (or group) members through the collective soundness which originates from the Whole. This program offers a map, principles and specific tools for transformation of individuals, relationships, and groups into interrelated living systems. This is a model of conscious, inclusive, evolutionary leadership.

In the course of the program participants will learn how:

  • To create authentic, living and caring Networks of the Matrix of Leadership TM in groups and teams
  • To create comfortable, adaptive and stable conditions for collective work in a group
  • To get resources for yourself (as a leader) and for the whole group in the integral soundness of the body, reason, heart, spirit
  • To use feedbacks as investment into relations, mission, goals, efficiency and satisfaction of participants of a group process
  • To detect roles that limit and restrain our actual potential, and that we voluntarily play in a group (or that we allow others to play)
  • To differentiate and redistribute group roles, opinions and fields
  • To turn potential of diversity, chaos and conflict into a productive Matrix of a Group Dialogue TM
  • To expand the repertoire of leadership behavioral strategies, simultaneously letting other group members expand their repertoire


Day One:

  • Interpersonal pair communications in the open space of a group: a special technique of facilitation of communication of two people in a group that allows the whole group to get to a new level of consciousness and connectedness
  • Basis of Health: a method of formation of optimum conditions for further efficiency of a group process
  • Groups of Matrix Practice: exercising the new tools in groups
  • Practical exercises of meeting people and establishing contact with one another

Day Two:

  • Transformation of the feedback culture – accepting and differentiating. Investigation of unlocking of the potential of different types of feedback for work of a group
  • Manifestation of differences in a contact. Awareness of current group differences and contradictions as the basis of a joint creative search. The art of deep study of conflicting opinions, attitudes, perspectives and simultaneous preservation of the contact and acceptance in a group
  • Matrix Practice Group: exercising the new tools in practice
  • Theory: Transformation of the model of power / control. A different view of stage of development of a system or group

Day Three:

  • Awareness of your typical group roles / prospects and getting detached from them. Training the ability to play new roles in a group
  • Redistribution of group roles, fields, prospects
  • Matrix Group Dialogue: Unification of all considered elements of the approach into a single group process
  • 3 Group of Matrix Practice: practical exercising of the new skills
  • Summing-up conclusions and fields of application


Amina Knowlan

Yana Melville
Yana Melville Coach Consultant at the Coaching Institute
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Elena Nikulina
Thank you for your programs, for your concern and look! For your forte and multifacetedness, through which you bring us to us! For those fellow-thinkers and allies, inner and outer that I discover with you!

Elena Proskurina
A perfect location for the training. I really liked both group and individual work. The trainers were rather open-hearted, which is really great.

Natalia Voss
Thank you very much. That was really charging! It’s great that such masters as Amina exist, that you have found her (or vice versa), its great that despite unpopularity of Russia in the context of the conflict, she is willing to come to us!

Olga Shchupletsova
What really matters to me is that the training has given me faith in people, in myself, in the WORLD. Hearing the response of the UNIVERSE. Learning other peoples experience in issues that are unclear to you. Willingness of people to share the most valuable. THANK YOU! Olga.

Semyon Egerev
This training is my first step in working with subtle energies. My mindset is quite rational, thats why in the beginning I had to overcome some barriers in myself. But on the last day I got the revelation, and it was cool!!! Well, I had had started with one expectation, but what I got was completely different, but therere no regrets! Thank you!

Maria Marayeva
Thank you for turning me to myself and letting me know that all answers rest in the little corners of my soul and y heart. I hope I will be able to keep this in me. I am sure theres no chance to live following old attitudes. I know I am the power!!!

Igor Avtayev
New experience, detachment from regular practices, expansion of horizons, pattern interrupt – you cant get all this by yourself.

Sergey Igorevich Paltov
For me the most valuable and important was the part where I got to know the other people, other points of view and feelings. A chance to see in others and through others hidden aspects of myself. A chance to see in differences, manifested in others, a part of a variety and a common interconnected picture, a part of yourself, expansion of your own awareness. For me its a step forward to the further movement towards development of my own consciousness, sensing myself and others and leadership in life.

Elena Voitova
Many thanks to Filipp and Amina for their ability to feel, connect, bring wisdom and wholeness, light the inner light and help call your way! The training in one-of-a-kind thanks to its magic, mystics and true wisdom. It is not often that trainings give faith in a possibility of changes and happiness on your new way. This training gives a profound conviction, a feeling that the way is calling for you and is going to accept you. Thank You.

Aida Sagitova
Surprisingly, I got more than I had expected. For me it is important that the theme of leadership was lived by us during these days very deeply. As a bonus the masculine and the feminine aspects. Great place! Thanks to Amina for her openness, depth and sincerity. To Filipp for his light and power. A great combination of practices of nature, meditation and theory. Thank you!

Kristina Raifshnaider
I have been dreaming to take a lengthier course at the Coach Institute (so far I cant afford it financially), but I am sure its a matter of time. I am leaving with tears in my eyes, as the processes during these 2.5 days have given me answers but also new questions, and also the people that are so close to me! Amina, I appreciate the warmth, power and responsiveness. Filipp, every meeting with you makes me happy, I really like working with you! Love, Kristina.

Irina Dobryanskaya
Many thanks to the trainers for their openness, sincerity, flexibility and delicacy in interaction. For opening new opportunities, for practices of unification with the nature. For me it was new and quite unexpected in terms of results.

Edgars Mednis
Thank you. It was interesting to learn and exercise new practices. To see the goal in life and feel the environment and myself.

Ivan Khromenkov
This is the brightest and most massive training in leadership I have taken part in. The most interesting part was to watch Amina, Filipp and the whole group dancing. It was a really great delight. Thank you.