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Matrix of leadership for a team of top managers Training

Matrix of leadership for a team of top managers

3 days / 24 hours

Objectives of the program

To increase the effectiveness of collaboration of a management team, to unite a team by encouraging participants to master the model of group leadership (“Matrix of Leadership”).


  • To teach participants basic technologies and tools of the MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP approach.
  • To ensure clarification of interests, needs and strengths of participants to provide transparency and team spirit of a management team.
  • To help participants learn several ways to create an atmosphere of respect and trust for productive collaboration of a management team, to reveal the “Basis of Health” approach.
  • To teach participants the technologies of productive conflicts through transformation of conflict situations into workup of differences.
  • To teach the team technologies of improvement of quality of relationships between team members.
  • To give a group the example of MATRIX group dialogue as a way to discuss difficult issues with different opinions of participants.
  • To help the team integrate the practices received into their regular meetings, to make sure that starting from the first week on completion of the session this will become standards of work of the team.
  • To help managers integrate the experience into the process of work with their subordinates: give each manager a clear plan for implementation of the new technology into their management practices.


Interactive discussions, group and individual exercises with further analysis, role playing, brain storming, case studies. Proportion of practical work and theory is 90/10.

Program blocks

  • Group as a live interrelated system. Group leadership model (Matrix of Leadership): rethinking of group communication, creation of a flexible, adaptive and stable system.
  • Formation of the Matrix: basic principles and practices.
  • Paired communication in an open group space: a special technique of facilitation of communication between two people in a group, allowing the whole group to reach a new level of awareness and connectedness. The basis of Trust is a foundation for cohesion and development. Attention to the Whole - how to track and flexibly respond to changes in a group (system).
  • Transformation of the feedback culture. Principles: supporting and differentiating feedback, characteristics and criteria. Feedback as the foundation of trust in a team. Feedback as a motivating assessment, investment into relationships, teamwork, efficiency and satisfaction. Influence of the communication style and leadership style over the results of interaction. Differences between influence and intention. Transformation of the power / control model. Practice of feedback.
  • Feedback as a key to changes in behavior, attitudes, practices and structures, which do not contribute to relationships, common goals or the Whole.
  • Rethinking of the concept of conflict in the context of group leadership. Conflict of differences as energy of transformation of a team. The art of investigation of contradicting opinions, positions, perspectives and simultaneous preservation of contact in a group. How to really hear a different point of view and use it to expand vision and improve solutions.
  • Roles in a group, role distribution. Limitations of a closed system. Types of roles. Typical roles and their development. Typical group roles. Differentiation (detachment) from habitual roles. Redistribution of roles.
  • Matrix group dialogue process. Differentiation and manifestations practices.
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