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Happiness in sales Training

Happiness in sales

2 days / 16 hours

How to turn sales from a source of stress into a source of energy to achieve results

Objectives of the program

Improving efficiency of a sales person (Increase in sales, company profit, personal income) through changing one’s own approach to what you do.

Sales is an important and valuable job. No company can exist without sales people. Sales specialists are the face of any organization. Their input into the results of a business is huge.

At the same time, we can see not many people who can say: “I am a sales person, and I am proud of what I do!”

We are positive that love for your job is the key to success in sales.
Most sales trainings address the level of behavior, techniques, knowledge and skills of sales people. This is really important, but comes only second.

The Happiness in Sales program is aimed at ensuring sales people to love their job, their company and their clients and to be proud of their profession.


  • For sales people who are just beginning to work and would like to make their start easier, faster and more productive
  • For experienced sales people, who need to get to a new stage (level of results and satisfaction in sales)
  • For those people, who at the moment are in the phase of professional burnout and are considering what to do next
  • For heads of sales departments, for whom it is important to provide strong performance and to create a loyal, stable, professional team

Key topics of the program

  • Goals, plans and results. How to set sales goals so that they involve into the working process and help move instead of destroying a desire to take action?
  • A source of energy in the work of a sales person. How to get motivated and pleased in the course of selling?
  • Barriers of efficiency. Where and why do I lose efficiency in sales? What mental attitudes, skills and habits must I generate to overcome these barriers?
  • Hidden resources. How to see and use strong points of each sales person and the team as a whole? What resources are there in a sales team, but are latent so far?
  • A sales person’s professional position. What position (attitude) to themselves, the product, clients, to the sales in general is most limiting and productive for each sales person?
  • Culture of sales. How to create an atmosphere facilitating achievement of results and mutual support in a sales department?

Program results

  • Setting individual ambitious sales goals. Personal plan for achieving these goals and development in sales for a month. Willingness to submit the plan to the department head
  • Conclusions and recommendations of the trainers with regards to the development of each employee who did the training
  • Formation of a position allowing creation trusting and productive relationships with clients
  • Energy and enthusiasm boost, a desire to act, to increase sales and awareness of your personal sources of interest in the sales process that will bring about good long-term results
  • A set of individually selected practices and tools meant for support of high motivation in sales
  • An individual list of fears, limitations, missing competencies reducing personal effectiveness in sales. Strategies and practices to address them
  • Personal map of strengths: understanding and recognition of your actual abilities, skills and competencies in sales
  • Techniques and practices of understanding true needs of clients (specific tools that can be used in everyday activities)
  • Awareness of your value as a sales person, increase in self-confidence, your product, your company
  • Awareness of your responsibility as a sales person and increase in loyalty to the company
  • Technologies and practices addressing sources of stress in sales (difficult clients, objections, deadlines, conflicts)
  • Expanding the individual repertoire of sales techniques through an organized exchange of best practices with colleagues
  • An ability to sell products and services available through development of the ability to see real value in your product and match it to customers needs
  • Development of the ability to tune to the same wavelength with a client, the ability to find contact even most high-profile or difficult clients
  • A picture of key competencies of an ideal sales person
  • Creation of a personal support team of increased efficiency in sales for each participant

The program includes

  1. 1 individual goal setting consultation (30 minutes) for each program participant
  2. A group training session (16 hours)
  3. Support of participants after the group session during the period of 30 days:

  • Development and support of an individual practice of development in sales for each sales person (by phone, Skype, e-mail)
  • Preparation of 2 or 3 hour workshops on most topical themes for a team of sales (trainers prepare internal trainers for these workshops, sharing technologies of work with them)

  1. Certificates of participation


Svetlana Kokareva
Svetlana Kokareva Coach Consultant at the Coaching Institute
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“I liked the thing that I was able to communicate at a level different from the one we use in work – more personal and profound. It was very useful to see immediate and major development zones, for some people it is optimism, for others something else. I am glad they gave us different tools. We have already partly practiced the game in the office. On the whole, all this contributed to drawing our team together and aiming it at certain results”, Natalia Tolstaya, Managing Partner at Amplua.

"Basing on the training I have identified several important aspects that I started addressing during training and will continue in the future, applying one of the many aspects - the transition in relationship with the client to the person-person level (the ability to listen, and most importantly hear ). Also, I consider it important to continue working at getting in contact with people,Elena Alekseeva, LEGENDA Intelligent Development