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Application of the integral approach in development of people and companies Training

Application of the integral approach in development of people and companies

3 days / 24 hours

Objectives of the program

To provide the participants with practical tools and techniques of application of the integral approach in business consulting and management, as well as to identify the areas and spheres of its use.


Managers, directors, HR-managers, operational organizational consultants, coaches and business trainers.

What are the participants in for?

  • Understanding of when and where to apply the integral thinking and approach in their professional activities
  • A way of thinking and new tools, that will help introduce the integral approach into their practice
  • Understanding and practical experience of work with the 4 quadrants model in an organization
  • Practice of working with levels of development of an organization in the integral approach
  • Tools and practices of experimental developing thinking
  • The most valuable lessons – “What works and what doesn’t?” from the long experience of trainers with individual clients and organizations all over the globe

Format of the Seminar

20% of theory and 80% of practice: from familiarization with the basis of integral counseling (it will start before the program itself) to discussion of case studies, practical exercises, questions and answers, coaching sessions with the trainer and integration of the new knowledge into challenges and tasks of participants everyday life.

Summary of the program

  • The workshop will begin before the group meets Dana and Jesse - with reading three articles: (1) Use of the integral card in organizational counseling, (2) Polar management, and (3) Strategic developing thinking
  • Presentation of the integral approach and case analysis in order to get a clear idea of why and in what cases the integral approach is essential for work with people and organizations
  • Familiarization with the life cycle of integral counseling and work with case studies in the sphere of application of the integral approach at each stage of the life cycle
  • Analysis of integral consulting experience in working with the 4 quadrant model and levels of development: theory, examples from the experience of the trainers and refining these tools in practice
  • Coaching practices in real time to get initial experience of the acquired knowledge in real life.
  • Analysis of approaches and practices for work with developing thinking: theory and practice


Dana Carman

Jesse McKay
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Galina Zhilina, Cofounder, Deputy Manager at OOO Zaidi-Uvidish:

The knowledge I got at the seminar helps connect theory and practice, helps create a holistic picture of the perception of the world. It gave me an opportunity to consciously expand the sphere of influence over my life, not only through the prism of the “behavior” quadrant, but also through the prism of the I quadrant. In business, the integral approach helps extend the boundaries of the individual vision of both the owners and each member of the team, and allows viewing problems holistically, creating the broad picture of resources and solving tasks more efficiently.

Olga Dubrovskaya, Development Deputy General Manager at TETRA Electric:

The query I voiced on Friday has been completely solved.
I have once again thrashed over integral diagnostics, as a bonus I got new tools to work at each quadrant.
I appreciate Dana’s energy and Jesses tolerance. Well done! There is yet some doubt whether the modern Russian business needs analysis of such depth.

Vera Petrova, Managing Partner at OOO Zebra VIZAVI – Metropolis:

The seminar might be very useful for those who build their business, want to make it better, change it, encounter problems that are hard to explain with the help of traditional postulates of management. Einstein once said, No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Dana Carmans seminar views this idea from different angles.

Irina Shakhova, Executive Director at Signus Labs, business consultant:

The integral approach allows establishing true causes of what is happening in a company and influencing what immediately creates a desired result, as well as what leads to problems in business. This helps take sound efficient decisions to achieve the goal instead of working in the patch-the-holes mode.

Mark Kukushkin, business trainer, Cofounder of Best Training and Training Boutique:

It is important to understand that the integral approach does work. Also:
  • Impression of a wholeness and actual applicability of the integral approach
  • What and how to use in the practice of a consultant
  • A feeling of gratitude to organizers and trainers.
Thank you!

Sergey Krivoborodov, President at the Center of Regulation of Over the Counter Financial Instruments and Technologies (CROCFIT):

What I am taking along:
  • A detailed lists of skills for working with organizations within the integral approach
  • An integral model of my company with location of key points of development and their interaction
  • Understanding of what I should be like to create my own business
  • A more detailed understanding of the operational logic and the spiral dynamics
  • I have become more integral
  • Understanding of how to do corporate projects
  • I met interesting friends