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7 sources of energy in work Training

7 sources of energy in work

2 days / 16 hours

Energy boost for those who provide maximum of companys results

3 program goals

  • To find and learn to use sources of energy in your manager’s work
  • To teach managers to create an atmosphere of highest possible achievements in their teams
  • To improve most valuable employees loyalty towards the company

What are the participants in for?

Operational methods, skills and understanding:
  • How to turn your job into your lifework: to find decent goals, fill it with profound meaning and enjoy the results
  • How to inspire employees, how to help them work with interest, full involvement and devotion
  • How to improve relations in a team and to unite it, using the power of positive emotions
  • How to manage your energy to create inner harmony, and to increase the quality of life in all areas

Program format

Advanced technologies, 20% working model – 80% actual practice, intense and dynamic program.

Advantages of the program

The program helps simultaneously solve three major problems:
  • To significantly increase the personal performance of each individual manager
  • To unite the team of managers, to significantly increase the level of respect and trust
  • To reduce the stress level of managers and to increase their loyalty to the company
The price of the program includes:
  • Preparation and adjustment of the program to meet the needs of your company (series of 5-7 interviews with key members of the management team)
  • Creation of a high-quality advance advertising for organization of a successful “internal sale” of the program to staff
  • Two-day or one-day group session (8 or 16 hours)
  • Follow-up session (90 minutes) summarizing the results and making conclusions and recommendations for a company manager
  • Concluding photo report and a handout, allowing participants to reinforce the acquired knowledge
  • Certificate of participation
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Topic 1

Happiness in activity
What are my sources of energy in work? Where do I lose strength? Where are my zones of stress and strain? How does it influence my employees? Energy is a choice. How do I make it? What do I start with? Creation of a “map of power” for yourself and your team.

Topic 2

To see the point
How to set motivating goals for yourself and your employees? How to fill your every action at work with a deep meaning? How to use the power of meaning to unite the team and improve the efficiency of each employee? How to transform people's attitude to work?

Topic 3

To be in the flow
The state of the flow: drive, interest and full involvement. How to learn to enter the flow and stay in it for a longer time while at work? How to see the potential of your employees and to choose the right tasks for them? How to help your employees be in the flow?

Topic 4

To learn from work
My Way of a Master. How to learn from your activities intensely and deeply? How to find zones of pleasure and enjoyment even in something you know inside out? How to help your employees to grow at work?

Topic 5

To create trust and respect
How to turn communication at work from a source of stress into a source of energy? How to make allies instead of opponents? How to create an atmosphere of trust and support in your team? How to create a domino effect of positive emotions?

Topic 6

To influence
The range of tasks and the range of influence: from complaints to full involvement. How to focus your energy in the most difficult situations? How to focus on the main things? How to teach your employees to skillfully prioritize? How to make it your team’s good habit?

Topic 7

To celebrate and to relax
How to balance work and other areas of life? How to learn to quickly recuperate during the working day? How to go on a little vacation every night? How to use the energy of a celebration, humor and fun to develop and improve the results of your team?

“Our employees are absolutely ecstatic, they tell stories of wonders the master class works, reconsider their tasks at work, think of where to develop further”.

Olga Mamysheva, HR director at St. Petersburg Bukvoed Book Network

The real difference of the program in its fresh approach to the eternal questions of how to manage yourself and others.
It allows even experienced top managers to look at them from a new non-standard angle, to rethink their experience and improve management skills.

Angelika Vikulova, HR Director at Wimm-Bill-Dann

The main result of the program for me is the increase in the amount of energy. It used to be a windmill, now it’s a nuclear power plant!

Igor Dubinnikov, Managing Director at SPB UPRAVKOM

The value of the training is that at the end of 2 days we launch mental processes that lead to real results, one begins to wonder what he is doing at this very moment of his life, whether he likes it or not. For some this might be a critical moment.

Bella Kuleshova, Head of Banking Technology and Software Department at Nordea Bank

One of our top managers asked a participant what she thought of the program, she answered, This is the best training in the Alfa. I can recommend this program for managers at all levels. It will work in any company!

Irina Zhiltsova, Chief Specialist of Sales at Alfa-Bank

I am delighted by the training. This is a unique opportunity to learn how to manage yourself, to manage and to create opportunities for yourself, to see your life from a new perspective. I have understood that even problems are a source of opportunities. For me real-life examples were especially intriguing, which became a stimulus to action. The knowledge gained can be easily applied in business, in work with your team in the company, can be used to teach yourself and others to find happiness in work. "