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Why would you need a session?

Every situation is unique. Our clients take sessions in order to:
  • Meet ambitious annual targets 
  • Rally the top management team and get them focused on achieving a common meaningful long-term goal
  • Adjust the current company strategy 
  • Open a new business line or win a new market
  • Ensure that the company is united and cohesive, and build a certain type of culture in the company

What will be the outcomes?

An organizational development session will help:
  • Set clear goals and ensure that they are consistently understood and accepted by the top management team
  • Identify potential problems and threats early and develop approaches to overcoming them
  • Find quality solutions and develop an action plan to achieve the goal
  • Take first steps and create a positive momentum towards the goal
  • Improve trust and respect in the team and reach deep understandings on key controversial issues

How is a session organized?

An organizational development session involves 4 steps:
  • Initial offer and contract
  • Preparation: A number of interviews with the main customer and key participants, reviewing information about the company, developing the session program and its announcement for the participants
  • Session: 2 or 3 days 8 hours each, depending on the task 
  • Closing: A summary session with the company management (90 minutes)

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