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When is integral coaching of organizations needed?

When your company faces large and complex challenges or large ambitious goals, as in the six cases described below.

Case 1. A telecom company intends to open more than 100 new offices in different cities in Russia and abroad over the next two years. Each branch should be as self-sufficient and immersed in the entrepreneurial spirit as possible, while maintaining a single corporate culture and brand in all branches.

Case 2. A large bank needs to create a new development strategy for the next three years. The shareholders have set very high growth targets, expecting the bank to increase its profits at least three times over. The bank’s management understands that in order to be successful, they need to ensure full involvement and acceptance of the development strategy by each employee. It is necessary that each and every employee becomes a co-contributor to the new strategy.  

Case 3. A manufacturing company has significantly grown in the last 10 years. It grew from a small organization with a few dozen employees into a company employing 3000 people and running three large lines of business. The company wants to achieve maximum synergy from the development of the three business lines around a single strategy. This requires introducing a new management system, deploying a new organizational structure and bringing the top management team to a new level of management proficiency.

Case 4. A new company is entering the retail e-commerce market of consumer goods. The first months of sales show that the expected growth rate can be very high. The task is to ensure the rapid growth of the company in the online segment and arrange for its entry into the offline segment, while improving customer service and building a strong company brand. 

Case 5. A large manufacturing company that has long been in existence is in crisis. All the processes, the management system and staff mentality are focused on achieving the output targets. The market conditions have changed. Competition has increased. There is a need to considerably reduce production costs and achieve a new level of product quality. Employees at different levels say in their own way, «We have increased the output to 100,000 tons. What else do you expect us to do?»   

Case 6. An IT company’s owner wants to hire a manager to run the business. In the last 5 years, the company has had 12 hired CEOs. None of them was able to last for more than half a year. A new candidate makes a mistake, the owner comes back to take over and becomes convinced that it is impossible to transfer the management of the business. The entire management team believes the same thing and they do not accept newly appointed candidates.

What do these 6 cases have in common?

What problems are handled by integral coaching? 
In these and similar cases, «narrow» solutions will not work. You cannot increase sales several times over without raising the level of responsibility, which in turn cannot be raised without improving the motivation system, which in turn cannot be improved without setting clear goals that…So, in order to solve a problem, you have to:
  • Take into account all relevant factors 
  • Get support from key people in the company 
  • Flexibly adjust the project progress by introducing change through influencing the key points of the system. 
This is what integral coaching of organizations deals with. 
Integral coaching helps solve problems in all three dimensions of the company: 
Systems: Solving business problems and supporting them at the hardware level. Finding winning solutions, strategies and the right techniques, creating and deploying effective systems, structures and business processes to support the solution to the problem. 
Culture: Supporting the solution to the problem by taking into account, using and boosting common values, the mentality of the staff, the company’s traditions, and the styles of management and interaction adopted in its culture. 
People: Helping key employees to bind a business problem with their own goals, take responsibility for bringing it to life, to master new necessary knowledge, skills and behavior strategies, and to lead the company to success through their personal wins.  

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