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Mark Kukushkin
Business Trainer
Mark Kukushkin

About consultant

Coach and consultant in education (education management, secondary and higher education) since 1994.

Business consultant and moderator of consulting seminars since 1996.

Trainer in the non-commercial sector and trainer at the Partner Foundation since 1997.

Business trainer since 1998.

Lead Trainer and Consultant at BEST Training since September 1998.

Director for Business Development at BEST Training since February 2000.

Corporate Trainer at Russian Aluminum since February 2002.

Corporate Trainer since 2003.

As a business trainer, he conducted more than 800 training workshops (with the regular frequency of 15 to 20 training days per month).


1996-1997: School of Management Consultants at the Academy of National Economy
1993-1996: Higher School of Psychotherapy, Moscow
1990-1996: Philosophy Department at the Lomonosov Moscow State University
1987-1990: Philosophy Department at the Tomsk State University

Seminars, training workshops and programs for business trainers and consultants (in total about 40 seminars and workshops, 1995-2004), including:
  • Extended training program in Psychodrama (N. Dolgopolov)
  • Course in Directing at the Student Theatre of the Moscow State University (E.Slavutin)
  • Course in Directing at the School of Modern Art (E.Vandalkovsky)
  • Training for trainers (E.Sidorenko)
  • Training Workshop in Coaching (J.Whitmore)
  • Learning Organization (M.Pedler)
  • Understanding People (J.Stevens)
  • Games and seminars at the School of Cultural Policy (P.Schedrovitsky)
  • Seminars of the School of the Dialogue of Cultures (V.Bibler)
  • Seminars of A.Puzyrei
  • New Code NLP (J.Grinder)
  • Training of Consultants at SHAG Counseling Center