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If you:

  • already know what success is about and have a track record of achievements
  • want to achieve more, while enjoying the process and developing in the right direction
  • feel you have an untapped potential and energy and want to fulfill it in your life
  • are full of energy, have lots of desires and want to have time for EVERYTHING
  • are currently searching for new ways and meanings in your career development because the«old toys»no longer make you happy
  • want to improve your activities and performance
  • want to balance and harmonize your life
  • do not want to regretwasted yearswhen you are old, you need Coaching.

If you:

  • feel tired and the things that used to bring you joy no longer make you happy
  • are thinking of the same situations again and again
  • cannot resolve conflicts, including inner ones
  • often feel annoyed or anxious
  • in general feel you are going through a streak of bad luck, or feel you have no luck at all, you need Therapy.

Coaching is about collaboration between a coach and a client with the view to achieving the true goals of the client in a situation where they cannot be achieved by means of usual behavioral strategies, or the use of usual strategies requires too much time and effort. In the broad sense of the word, coaching is a collaboration aimed at fulfilling the client’s potential and talents in his or her life and career.


By finding and implementing new behavioral strategies leading to the implementation of the true goals and turning what really matters into reality. Through the insights that energize change. Through the creation and implementation ofsmall, low-cost experimentsto create new experience.

What does a Coach do?

A coach creates a safe space on the basis of a non-judgmental presence, so that the client can comfortably behave in any way, whether he approves of it or not, and can also make mistakes, be imperfect, open and vulnerable. Change means venturing into the unknown and mistakes along the way are inevitable. A coach is like aclear mirroror aflashlight, helping the client to see (notice) what he did not notice before both in himself and in the challenges/situations he faces, get his own insights and make the best choices in this clear, expanded field of vision. When the client begins to try something new, the coach is there like a Sherpa guide, ready to provide support and help the client to proceed mindfully.

Why would you need a Coach?

For the same reason that we need a mirror. Our usual methods of thinking, our emotional and mental complexes, prevent us from going beyond ordinary perception and leveraging on the resources we have. Looking in the mirror is not always pleasantyou may lose some of your illusions and become responsible for your own choices. It's one thing to be mop-headed without realizing it, but seeing yourself in the mirror and still not getting your hair right is something else entirely. It is when you look in the mirror that you actually make a conscious decision whether or not to leave your hair uncombed.

Another reason is that a human being is part of wider systems and changing him in any way will introduce change to the system. The system is resistant. Therefore there must be someone who can help overcome thisheadwindalong the way, will be your friend and a reliable support when negotiating a tricky pass on the journey. It is only when he has got through the pass that the traveler can proceed on his own.

A coach is a guide who helps you enter a place where you have not been before for whatever reason, to step over the edge and yet remain on your feet. Surprisingly, it is not only scary places that peopleavoid entering, but also those that offer joys and pleasures.

Strange as it may seem, living a happy life can also be scary.

It is not easy to find the right size of this stepit should be an effort, but not too great. A coach will follow shoulder to shoulder with their client to the so-calledpoint of no returnwhere the necessary change will have taken root in the clients life and career.

Basic principles of Coaching

  • A coach believes in people, their unlimited potential and their ability to find their own way and their own unique solutions.
  • Solutions to concerns are inside each individual or organization. A coach puts into life the principle formulated by Socrates,Everyone knows the truth. I serve as a midwife to help the truth to be born!The main task of a coach is to help an individual realize and formulate all the answers, and find their own solutions. It is not about giving advice!
  • Personal efficiency as a balance between the drive for results, enjoying the process and developing as a personality. This is achieved through mindfulness.
  • The main task of a coach is to ensure the achievement of mindfulness, a complete clarity about everybody and everything involved, both inside and outside. Attentiveness. Full realization of everything going on both in respect of yourselfWhat am I doing? How am I doing it? Why am I doing it? What am I feeling?and also in respect of what is going on in your environment.
  • The courage to want something, the priority of goals, the ability to look ahead, the validity and importance of goals. Creating opportunities for the objectives to be met rather than setting targets based on current realities. Presenting the organizations and managers goals in an open and honest manner. Clearly identifying acorridorwithin which a discussion can occur.

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